Honathen De Rhylien


The true story behind Honathen de Rhylien

It is known that many years ago a fight between pirates menaced the costal town of Sunport. And that arcane archers brought their devastating power both in the high seas and inland killing many of the close knit community. Among those killed were many of the Rhylien’s family friends who attempted to fight the spell casters, but where no match for their spells and enchanted weapons. Witnessing the battle left Honathen with a deep seated distrust, hatred and perhaps envy towards magic users. Which followed him as he grew. But things took a different turn one day when a traveler came to Sunport, around his body hung a slew of weapons from daggers, to short swords and crossbows. But one specific weapon drew Honathen’s attention. A seemingly exotic chain with multiple spikes attached. The young Honathen bothered by curiosity couldnt help himself to inquire as to it’s origin and use. “Its weapon meant to kill those who use magic irresponsibly” said the grizzled old veteran. “You must be a very powerful Mage if you hunt Mages yourself” replied the young lad with a hint of hatred building within himself. Since he of course knew that magic was the most powerful force and only other powerful spell users where a match for each other. But the reply would change Honathen forever.

“I am not able to cast spells, not anymore at least, many years ago I was called a Ranger and I was connected to the land as the ancient Titans of old where” seeing the young lads eyes widen with hope the old veteran continued “I hunted for food and for the survival of my family, I had a wife and a child who where everything to me…”. And so the tale continued as many others, a powerful magic user’s careless use of their abilities destroying the lives of those who weren’t equally gifted. Losing his family, the old man joined a group of like minded rangers along with a fellow who volunteered to aid them. An “Occult Slayer” he called himself. After months of tracking and fighting they finally found the Kalashtar Warlock responsible for the blight and tragedy of their lives. Only two of them walked away from the encounter, the Slayer and the Ranger.

Honathen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Varas as the old man was introduced himself, had for the first time given Honathen a ray of hope. Somehow he had grown to believe he would spend the rest of his life under the thumb of magic, but there was a chance to fight back. As such he begged for a day and a half to be taught the secrets of the Occult Slayers. Until the old grizzled veteran finally relented and brought him along. For you see, the Slayers aren’t many and never form organizations. They only gather through messages to hunt for particular high value targets. Varas took young Honathen to the Frost Fang mountains, where a great hunt would take place, there his training began. He served as a tracker, scout and a crossbowman for the Slayers, he learned to live as a Ranger and learned the lore of the land just like Varas had before him. Although he barely saw combat he became much wiser more mature and far more pragmatic. When the hunt was finally over he would return to Sunport to hone his skills and continue his training. When the time was right Varas would return and train him to become a true Occult Slayer, just like he was once taught. But things changed, for Honathen never returned to the Sunport he left. And a new journey began that day.


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