Welcome to the Never-Ending Campaign!

This Campaign covers over 5 realms

  1. Forgotten Realms
  2. Third Realm The First
  3. Third Realm The Second
  4. Third Realm The Third
  5. Eberron                                *We are Currently in this Realm*

But you’ll find that in this campaign most everything the players do become permanent changes for future groups.
Example 1:
Group 1 Destroys a villages only supplier of potions and kills the shop keep.

Until a sufficient time passes for someone else to take up shop the village
doesn’t have a potion shop keep

Group 2 Barely surviving an ambush, attempts to buy potions in a village only
to find that unfortunately only passing merchants have any and at a premium to boot

Example 2:
Group 1 liking and frequenting a certain tavern constantly bring in many customers with their
tales of adventure and gold to spread

Group 2 finds that the tavern is in better quality than one would expect and that the owner
has added on to his business

So Even though Eberron and The Forgotten Realms are used they are dynamically changed from their Campaign settings. This holds true for the Forgotten Realms especially.

The 3 Third Realms can be combined and Reffered to singularly as simply “Third Realm” The connection between realms for the 3 Third realms being far more prevalant and easy to cross than for/to either the Forgotten Realms or Eberron.

Due to the fact that my Campaign has been running far longer (~8 years) than I’ve used this site
~1 week not counting the 3 month interlude the information on changes and how things work will only be added as they come up in adventures.

Never-Ending Campaign